Volume burst using exp. pedal as master volume

Thought I’d check with you guys before posting this as a bug.

I have my expression pedal assigned to control the output volume of each preset. I’ve noticed that for a few milliseconds, when changing presets, it sends an output level as though the pedal is all the way down (full volume-unity gain). For obvious reasons, if the pedal is way back (heel down), there is a big volume burst, no burst if the pedal is all the way up (toe down). To be safe, I try to operate with the pedal ranging toward the toe and adjust my max level from the QCs volume knob or input of my FRFR.

I assume that applying the expression pedal’s setting must be one of the last things on the boot list when presets are changed. It passes signal at unity gain until it gets to that point in the boot. Irritating at best, painful or dangerous at worst (watch for flying cones! :loud_sound:).

Is anyone who’s using an exp pedal as a master volume NOT experiencing this? If so, lets compare notes.

I wanted to do this to, and I got answers telling me how to set it up. I don’t think it’s right. I see the same as you do. I am using a separate volume pedal pre-QC. It is not able to satisfy me with the way I’ve been told to set it up.

Did you try saving the patch with the volume turned all the way down?


Gig4fun-I have no problem with how it works as a volume pedal. It’s easy to set up and works perfectly. It’s only a problem for about 300 milliseconds, or so, while changing presets.

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Thanks for that, Jim. Xush came to just that conclusion. I’ll try resaving all my presets with the pedal at a mid position. Appreciate your input!

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I tried it yesterday. Saving each preset with the pedal at a lower position is a great compromise. I just have to watch my pedal position each time I tweak and save. Thanks for the suggestion, Jim.


I have this issue with wah. I change presets and it enables the wah then it turns off. I am using the toe down = off setting for the expression pedal wah.

Are you saving the preset with the pedal toe down (off)? If not, give that a try.