Expression pedal vs volume pedal

Who has used a volume pedal instead of instead of expression? (Guitar into input of volume pedal and then volume pedal out to input of QC). I know that the jump up with the expression pedal as volume is jumpy so maybe this would be smoother until an update fixes this down the line.

I have used both. Both can work. I sometimes feel the taper of a volume pedal between the QC or any modeler and the guitar to be odd. But it works. I find just using two expression pedals easier as it given me more options if I chose to change the use of one of them from say volume to pitch inside different scenes. If I am going to have two anyway - it makes sense to integrate.

I’ve used both. I haven’t found an XP to be any less smooth than an analog volume pedal, once it’s calibrated on the QC. I suppose it might depend on what you’re controlling for volume w/ the XP- are you using a gain block, or a vol control on an amp? Where in the chain do you have it positioned?
The only reason I’ve seen to use an external analog vol pedal is there isn’t a global option to assign an XP for that purpose, you have to configure it in each preset. Other than that, The XPs I’ve used do fine for volume swells, ramping, etc.

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I’m using gain control at the beginning of the chain. It just seems to kind of jump from 0 to 10% then go smoothly from there.

My most common and preferred usage scenario on a modeler is a single expression pedal doing double duty for volume and, most frequently, wah. Although I like having the option, I prefer not to have to use two expression pedals and want the single one I am using to be plugged into the QC so I can assign it to a block wherever I want within my signal chain.

Additionally, either through scenes or using the MIDI loopback trick, I want to be able to retain my current volume setting when I switch from volume to wah. When the only option is using an expression pedal toe-switch, the volume gets maxed out before you can switch over to the wah. That is one of the huge advantages of the way the included expression pedal and MIDI control available for the toe-switch on the Line6 Helix is set up. Would like to see Neural enable similar functionality on the QC.

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Hopefully, I don’t get run out on a rail for this :grin: …but …I love using the Fractal EV-1 expression pedals with my QC. I love the sweep and the big footprint. They’re comfortable and responsive for anything I assign them to. No issues so far.

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Both EVs are really nice designs. The EV1 I use with the AF. I like the EV 2 with the QC. I would also say many folks including myself use 2 pedals a dedicated volume and a dedicated wah (sometimes pitch). Neal Schon uses 4 pedals. Guthrie Govan uses 2. Depends on the player.

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I have 2 EV-1’s. One is always assigned to Delay Mix/Repeats. Heel position is a light delay. Toe position is Neil Schon arena rock delay. I like having continuous control over my delay mix. My other EV-1 is the wildcard: volume, wah, etc.

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Thanks for that, but do you use them as a volume pedal and are they as smooth a sweep as an analogue volume pedal? I’ve used 2 yamaha Xp’s and had to switch to analogue because the sweep was to abrupt to make them work as a volume pedal.

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When I was using the Fractal EV-1’s for my Kemper, I experienced a little ‘glitchiness’ - as I started my sweep they didn’t seem to ‘grab’ right away. Hasn’t been an issue with Quad Cortex. As far as the comparison to other expression pedals, I actually like them better. They feel smoother to me. This is subjective of course. If you are used to the way your ‘normal’ pedals feel, the EV-1’s may not cut it for you.
For several years, I used Mission pedals with my Fractals. I didn’t have any complaints …but when I switched to EV-1’s, I noticed a difference. I feel like there is more incremental control. The sweep is like butter.
They are big - so if you are adding them to a pedalboard, you may want to take that into consideration.

When I sold my Axe FX 3, I had planned on keeping my EV-1. At the last minute I decided that it’d be an easy sell to the buyer to have them also buy the EV-1, so I offered, and they did.

I’m using a Mission SP1-ND with the QC, which is nice because it says Neural on it and that makes me happy. It was a bit of an adjustment for a couple of hours having been used to the comparatively massive EV-1, but now I’m finding it comfortable and it works as it should.

It’s interesting that in 2022 we’re still using potentiometers rather than some less mechanical design. I’m sure there’s a reason why we don’t have expression pedals with something along the lines of Morley’s optical sensors.

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I think the future of expression pedals In probably optical and wireless. It makes a lot of sense since the pedals are usually not that far from the board even if they are off stage. I think the EV pedals are one of the best things Fractal has made. However ME pedals are equally as great. Different concepts.

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same here, still haven’t gotten it anywhere close to be used as ,for example, a steel player would use it…The taper is much too steep. I’m way to far into the volume curve before I want to be. I’d love to see an improvement in this area and have suggested a dedicated volume pedal being controlled by a EP. I don’t know if that would make it more realistic or not but perhaps more thought might be put into the curve of the pedal being controlled so it would mimic the analogue equivalent.

I’m just checking back into this thread. I was never able to get an expression pedal to be near smooth enough to use as a “real” volume pedal…as in what a steel player might use. Jump in volume was way to abrupt. I admit though I’ve never had access to more the 2 types of volume pedals. One being my yamaha F7’s I believe that’s what they’re called, and the other being an IK expression pedal. Is it possible there are others out there which are radically different? I must emphasize I mean radically different cause what I’ve experienced so far has been quite poor. This message is likely not for anyone except a volume pedal player in that I"m not saying the pedal does not work as a volume pedal but that it works but very poorly. Thanks to anyone who offers any info on this as I’d love to have the simplicity of plugging into an expression pedal rather than an analogue volume pedal.

The only “radically different” Expression pedal I know of is the LEHLE DUAL EXPRESSION.

I’ve been using their volume pedal for quite some time now and it is one of the smoothest I’ve tried (haven’t used the expression pedal yet)

Their expression pedal uses the same Hall Sensor magnet approach.

All the other expression pedals I know of are just a pot (10k or so, depending) on a gear inside a kinda wah or volume enclosure.

This guy uses the Lehle Volume pedal I read : Luke Cyrus Goetze
Not a Pedal Steel player but a damn fine lap steel player !

Ya man…I’ve actually looked at that one. I think it has the reputation amongst pedal players to be one of the best( as I remember they’re not cheap either) …I already have analog pedals which work great, I just would like to find an expression pedal which functions the same…be that in the pedal itself, or the programmers of whatever app I’m using taking into consideration the smoothness of the volume jumps…Thanks a bunch for commenting …Brett PS I did see that you mentioned their expression pedal as well, it’s just hard to buy something just to try without actually hearing that it works.