A good video on how to use the expression pedal on the QC


That was a good in-depth video!
can’t wait to see what changes come to the XP UI in the next update. I’d give my left whatever to be able to tap those XP meters and go straight to the XP setup menu

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Great video!

Placing the volume block in the first position is roughly analogous to using the volume knob on your guitar. It changes the levels hitting every subsequent block in your signal chain so it can have a lot of impact on how your amp/cab, distortion, modulation, delay, reverb, etc., respond as you work the expression pedal. Similar to working the volume knob on your guitar.

Another common position for the volume block is after the amp/cab and most effects but right before the delay and reverb. This allows the blocks upstream from the gain block to receive a consistent level but allows the trails from the delay and reverb to complete, even after the expression pedal has been moved to the heel-down (off) position. If you need everything to immediately go silent at the ‘off’ position - no trails, place the volume block after the delay/reverb.


that inspired me to go make a MORPH preset that can blend/morph between entire signal chains using the splitter/mixer assigned to the XP. It’s freaky. Now I’ve got to go make an actual usable version

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I hope we get adjustable sweep per assignment to make expression pedals more usable for various applications.

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