How to use Expression Pedal as Master Volume for All of QC?

How can I use a Mission expression pedal as a master volume? Thanks.

you can’t do it Globally, unfortunately.

You’ll have to assign it per preset, however you prefer (gain block near beginning of chain, EQ block level, etc).
For Master Volume, meaning post-time fx, best bet is to assign it to the volume/level parameter of the Output Block at the end of your signal lane.

If it’s going to be a common element of your presets, it’s best to make a template preset containing that XP pedal assignment- then you can build a preset and do a ‘save-as’ for NEW presets.

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How about turning this into a feature request? Similarly like the cab sim “Global Bypass” the EP could maybe be enabled/disabled globally in the settings.

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there are a couple already;
this one has the most votes:

Ah yes, sorry. I even already voted for that one and forgot! :joy:

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Hey Xush,

Are you noticing that your volume level is as though the expression pedal is all the way down for a split second when changing presets (see my recent post “Volume burst”)?

I don’t switch presets while performing, I’ll have to check and see. I rarely change out of scene mode.

I understand. If you get a chance…

Thanks much!

upon testing it, I’d say the preset loads the XP position from the saved point, wherever that was. If I save the preset with the XP at 0/heel, that preset will load with a slight dropout as the pedal goes from 0 to wherever the pedal is at time of load. If I save the preset with the pedal at max/toe position, there will be a spike if the pedal has moved down before changing presets.
I made 2 duplicates of the same preset to experiment going back and forth this way; I’m pretty confident from these tests that when you change presets, it loads with the XP at the ‘position’ it was saved at and then adjusts to where it actually is as quickly as possible.
That’s why sometimes you’ll DL a preset that has no output till you move your XP; the user must have saved it with the pedal at ‘0’

Not sure if that helps or hurts your situation, but that’s how it works anyway. Might be why some folks are still using a physical vol pedal if they have to switch presets a lot

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Wow, don’t know why I didn’t think of that (geriatric poisoning?). If I resave each preset with the pedal at the mid-way point, it would be a usable compromise until (and if) NDSP introduces a fix.

Thanks for your investigation and recommendation, Xush!

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I tried it yesterday. Saving each preset with the pedal at a lower position is a great compromise. I just have to watch my pedal position each time I tweak and save. Thanks for the suggestion, Xush.

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