Voice+Guitar in QC then in Guitar Amp?


I’m a singer and guitarist and started using my QC with both INs to plug my guitar and my mic (Shure Beta 58) and go out in a single line OUT to a guitar amp (Mesa Mark5 or H&K Attax). It works and the sound is not bad, and the compactness is perfect for small gigs.

My question is, does it bear a risk of damaging my amp / cab with this setting ? Can you justify ?

You probably won’t damage your guitar amp playing vocals through it unless you crank it up too loud, put too much bass/low-end signal through it, or run the distortion too high. The guitar and vocals are roughly in the same frequency range. Here is one article on how to run a mic through a guitar amp. Some of the instructions will not apply when using the QC.

If it works and you’re happy with the sound, go for it. With that said, the rather limited frequency range of a guitar amp is probably negatively impacting your vocal sound. Running through an FRFR would generally be a better solution for combining vocals and guitar in one monitor. There are compact FRFR options available.

The amp will be fine, it’s the cabinet speakers you have to worry about, as there’s a possibility of a blowout. Interesting setup, does it get muddy having both signals going through the amp?

You don’t need to worry about running vocals through either amp, especially at reasonable volume. If you were running bass or keys, then you’d need to be more careful. I agree with HonestOpinion that an FRFR would be a better choice for your vocals. Running vocals through a seperate output to a small active PA cab would be another alternative. If you’re happy with your current sound, rock-on!

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