QC / Sound card questions (Stereo)

I’m not sure this has been answered already, if so, my apologies.

I have a pair of HS7 and a sound card with two outputs (M-AUDIO air 192|4).
I don’t want to use my QC as a sound card because of the heat, but I also want to utilize the stereo effects from QC.
I tried to connect the HS7 inputs both at sound card (for computer audio) and QC (for guitar signal) but I instantly realized through googling that this could damage the speakers.

I do not know anyone else that can help me besides the internet.

What do you propose?

Thank you

Don’t use your monitors from two sources at the same time as it can damage them. I am in the same situation as you although I also use an FRFR speaker. All you need to do is use the sound card in the computer and use the outs of the QC going to the ins in the soundcard. Make sure you select line level rather than “instrument” on the soundcard and use TRS or XLR cables between the QC and soundcard.

Thank you for your answer.

That is the way I am doing it right now, but its not stereo right? I’m using out 3 from QC into the instrument input of the sound card.

Yeah it’s not stereo in but usually for guitar you don’t really want stereo in anyway. You still get stereo out.