Recording vocals with QC

Has anyone used their QC as an audio interface to record vocals? I don’t mean using the effects and stuff, just purely as an audio interface with a vocal mic into a DAW. I have a Focusrite audio interface that I used to use for everything but I don’t really want to switch back and forth because that sounds like a hassle and I imagine the QC is a decent audio interface. Could anyone help me with the input levels and impedance settings for vocals vs guitar? I think I just usually have the default settings and it’s fine for guitar (actually a bit low output when using as an interface into an amp sim plugin but it still sounds fine).

I’ve used it for that. It sounds fine. The amount of gain needed depends on the mic I’m using. 14 DB or so is about where i wind up usually i think.

How did you get on? I’ve the same dilemma!