Can I feed the Quad Cortex to the effect loop return of Fender amps, to bypass the preamp?

So I’m about to pull the plug on a QC and I’ve got to confess, my brain is firing with endless possibilities of soundscaping :slight_smile:

Won’t be able to afford FRFR for a while, so I was thinking of feeding the QC to the effects returns on my two Fender amps, for a stereo rig. So I can use the magic of amp modelling to the fullest of tone character, just not the modelled cabs.

I know I’ll be locked to the voicing of my fenders, and miss out on QC mic placement, etc, but I’d argue +95% of the character comes from the amp.

Am I thinking this right?

Try it and see if it works for you. I personally run XLR outs to PA/FOH and use outs 3/4 into two tube amps (FX returns) and sounds phenomenal for me. There are lots of alternatives, 4CM, FX return etc., but you will color the sounds and only you can determine if that works for you or not. Most use a power amp and or FRFR to get the least color to the tones etc.

And the 3/4 into the amps, with or without amp+cab?

Both are 100w tube heads with 4x12 cabs. Note, you can always add a cab block even if you are using cabs etc., it may not sound good but it may also be your preference for your reasons or tone you are wanting to achieve. In the end, I do whatever I need for it to sound good which may or may not follow normal practices. I started out using just KRK monitors and that sounded great for studio work but the QC routing makes it easy to get the room volume, tone and feel while recording USB audio to the DAW. There are lots of possibilities with the routing available.

I have also seen, played and loved the QC into two Boss Katana II 50w combos. For around $250 each and the ability to just use the power amps, it was a nice setup and something I may invest in soon. Your stereo setup sounds like it will work fine until you pursue the FRFR direction.

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Many options, however the most common approach would be amp sim - fx return.

Since you have the real cab, you don’t need the cab sim.

I run mine into the power amp of my JVM410H and into a 1960 Vintage. Sounds absolute killer.

Yeah man. That’s how I’ve got the best sound to my ears. I run the QC outputs 3 and 4 into the power amp in of two fender Hot rod deluxes. Amazing stereo sound. Then the QCs xlr outs 1/2 run to FOH/pa system. Amazing setup in my opinion. I think you’ll really like it. I had a powercab 112 plus and I never adjusted to the FRFR sound personally. However I do love how it sounds playing silently at night they headphones. Go figure


Who wouldn’t! I remember eons ago renting a rehearsal space from Saturday midnight to Sunday morning, just to be able to be able to play by myself at volume! (that sounds totally wrong out of context hahah)

There was absolutely no other options, this was just about when the first Pod came out, super low latency cards and VST amp sims. And even still, they sounded like cardboard.

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