Two electric guitar and one microphone

Hi! Can I put two electric guitar and one vocal microphone in to QC?

It can handle that, yes- and you’ll still have an input left!

Wow! :sweat_smile: So for example, can I do something like this?

G - guitar 1
G - guitar 2
M - microphone
B - Bas guitar

Input 1 - Guitar
Input 2 - Guitar
Return 1 - Microphone
Return 2 - Bas

You will want to run one of your electric guitars through either input 1 or 2 as they have automatic as well as manual adjustment of the impedance.

You will also want to use either Input 1 or 2 for your microphone as those inputs both have microphone preamps as well as phantom power if you need it. Make sure you swipe down into the I/O menu and select ‘Type’ = “Mic” for the Input you used for the microphone.

It would probably look more like this:
Input 1 - Guitar 1
Input 2- Microphone
Return 1 - Guitar 2
Return 2 - Bass

If you decide you want to take advantage of the automatic/variable impedance for both guitars on Input 1, you could use a splitter before the QC. The Return 1 & 2 inputs on the QC are fixed at 1Mohm impedance.

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Thank you very much! :grin:

@HonestOpinion’s layout will also give you a better use of DSP (probably)
That will be the main limitation you’ll encounter trying to run 4 instruments- you might eventually hit the limit of fx you can add to each lane if you really max it out.
If you don’t need much for the bass or vocals, you should be ok, but you’ll only get 8 fx blocks per instrument if you use all 4 lanes separately like this. If you want to use Scene Mode to switch sounds during songs, this will present a problem as only one user can trigger the change (unless you add outboard midi control) and changes will affect everyone.

It sounds like a great approach on paper to run 4 signal chains thru the QC, and it can physically be done, but it gets tricky once you get down to actually performing with it that way.

There are other limits you might discover from doing it this way, but those will be the main roadblocks.

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@Xush makes a good point about how running a row per instrument limits your block choices. Not usually a problem for bass and mic but you may want more processing on tap for the guitars. Another good reason for using a splitter before the QC and being able to dedicate two rows instead of one to the guitars. Using an external splitter will also leave a send and return free on the QC if you want to run an FX loop.

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ok, thank you very much for the answers, but what I really want is to be able to connect only two guitars at a concert and switch the effects separately in my guitar and my friend’s guitar during one song. Will this be possible with two instruments? No vocals or bass

Yes, but you will be limited to 8 changes per preset, unless you have an external midi controller or XP

Okey :slight_smile: Thanks! :smiley:

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Any advice on getting a mic to work with the QC?
I’m using a Shure 58, with an XLR at the mic end to 1/4” jack on input 2 at the QC end.
I’ve selected ‘Mic’ on the swipe down IO page for input 2, and then Multi Out for the output block, in to an FRFR cab.
But I’ve got no sound coming out at all, and the only way I can get sound out is to switch the swipe down IO page back to ‘Instrument’ rather than ‘Mic’.

Any ideas anyone? :roll_eyes:

“Mic” means XLR in this case. If you are using a 1/4" TS cable, you must choose “instrument” even if you’re using a microphone.
I’ve begged them to change those labels.
It should say “xlr” and “1/4”

Ah!! Now I understand. Thank you for explaining. And yes, they could do with changing those labels (another example of poor or confusing UI on the QC)

One more question, I’m not sure if you can help, please; the mic is very quiet compared to my guitar (electric rather than acoustic guitar).

I’ve added a Gain Utility block, and I’ve also upped the input 2 level on the IO page and also the Multi Out level for the mic on the Grid.

Is that the sort of thing you have to do, or is that overkill and there’s a better way of doing it?

Depending on the model of mic you are using, that’s probably normal. What mic is it?

The mic is a Shure 58

SM58 outputs 1.6mV in average ( Sensitivity. at 1 kHz, open circuit voltage. -56.0 dBV/Pa [1] (1.6 mV ))

Single coils, for ex, output in average 150mV (that would be roughly 100x the mic output) (Guitar Output Voltage)

100 x voltage gain equals 40db of gain… (Decibels to Voltage Gain and Loss convert calculation conversion amplification amplifier electronics - sengpielaudio Sengpiel Berlin)

Since you don’t have a preamp (mixer for ex) doing the work, the QC is doing that preamplification.

BTW, all these voltages vary quite a bit so the numbers just quick estimations…

Thank you, that’s very helpful