Very strange breakdown of the bottom core just before the new update

Something very strange happened to my Quad Cortex this morning. When I look back at this, it was only just minutes before I received the news of the new update. So, I’m kind of wondering if it was connected.

I was working with the unit all morning and everything was fine.
I copied a preset to a new slot and begin editing it. Everything was fine.
But then I added a compressor to the bottom row. Suddenly, the whole sound starting fizzing out and dropping in volume.

I removed the compressor. No change. I rebooted, no change.
I checked my other patches and any patch that was using the bottom two rows was fizzing out. Patches that only used the top two rows were fine. I rebooted two more times, but no change. It seemed that the bottom cores must have blown out or something.

I took a break. Checked my email and saw there was a new update.
I updated and now everything is fine.

Did anyone else have an issue like this?
Is it possible that the update was messing with the current setup, until I installed it?

Very strange.