'Terrifying' noise from Quad Cortex (made me jump!)

I was editing a (downloaded) preset today, with my QC plugged in to my Line 6 Powercab. I dragged a block from one position to another and got the fright of my life when as I did so, without even a milliseconds notice, a noise sounding like an Apollo rocket taking off next to your ear came out of the PC. Honestly, it was loud enough to have been heard down the road; and it’s worth saying that the volume of both the QC and PC was set quite low, as I was only playing in my front room - yet the extreme noise that came out of the PC was as if both units had been turned up to ‘11’.

Has anyone else had something like this happen?

a long time ago there was a glitch where corrupted captures or presets could lock up a QC, or cause extreme noises like you describe. I haven’t seen any reports of that in quite a while though.
Have you DL’d any new captures recently?

If not, best to contact support and open a ticket.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. It happened while I was editing a downloaded preset, that may have had a Capture in it, I’m not sure (I’ll check when I get a chance to fire up the QC next)

I have also downloaded some Captures recently, but they weren’t being used at the time the noise happened - or are you saying the corrupted Capture doesn’t have to be in the Preset you’re using at the time to cause the noise?