Using the omega preamp and my cab?

I’m using a katana 100mk2 for power and using Mac mini and omega software for preamp
how do I shut off Ir’s .when I shut off mike does that shut of speaker sim…I want to us my cab…ther is a button above that, I think I have to turn that off to? im using demo and want to buy just want to make sure

If you double-click the cab symbol (circle in circle) along the top it will go grey, completely bypassing the cab. Is that what you’re after?

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I will try that thanks

Hi, in that case if you want to use your Katana as a cabinet you would have to use the cab section of the plugin, because the speakers on the Katana are made as frfr speaker given that they are made to run amp sims with cabinet sims through the speakers. So if you want to get the best sound through your Katana Cab you will have to leave the plugin cab ON.

thanks in my case I just have the katana head .this is good info for the guys that have the combo’s I use the kickass option of power amp in ,bypasses everything that little beast head has helped my so much
then I plug into a egnater armegddon 4/12 cab