Power amp simulation with mic's turned off?

I’m using the standalone Plini sim and sending a line out from my interface to a powered cabinet (Line 6 PowewrCab). It works really well, just like plugging an AxeFxIII or Helix into it.
So I’m turing the Mic’s off on the speaker page of the plugin since the Power Cab has speaker modeling. Alternatively I could just hit the speaker icon at the top and bypass the speaker portion of the sim but it sounds to me like that also turns off power amp simulation and just send preamp simulation…

Am I imagining this or is that the way it is? Regardless it sounds better to me with just the Mic’s turned to ‘Off’ instead of bypassing the whole section. This Plini pluggin never disappoints that’s for sure!

Hello @richard.wasserman. Indeed. there’s a small difference in volume when bypassing the cab section vs turning off each mic individually, but it’s not caused by that since the power amp simulation is located within the amp section.

I’m glad you like the Plug-In!