Cab in the room emulations

Something like the line 6 powercab do.
Or something like the kemper kabinet (kone).

What I’m looking for, is cab emulations base on different populare cab/speaker combination, but without the mic, the preamp or else…
So that when you run it into a FRFR, it sound as close as possible to a real cab…with only the FRFR coloration (because we all know that all FRFR are not equals).

Use case exemple : rehearshal

This in combinaison with the pickup emulations I suggested will open a world of possibility.

Think about this, the abelity to change your intired gear by the push a single button

How would it be that different from how the current system works with the cab block? You basically want the mic out of the picture, but in practice it would mean using some sort of a measuring mic instead which is very flat and has no colour. Do you know why no one uses those in recording? Because they sound very bad.

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