Using Quad Cortex with a real Cab

This may have been asked or answered already, and I’ll hold my hands up, I haven’t searched extensively.

But can I run the QC into my own cab. So that I just use QC as an Amp and FX station instead?

Just like the NDSP plugins, I can disable the cabs right?

Yes, you don’t need to have a cab sim in the chain. However, you’d need a power amp (Orange Pedal Baby e.g.) between QC and cab. You could also use the return input of your current amp.


Jup! I tried it. Sounds amazing.

I used the XLR outputs 1 / 2 to go to the mixing desk. Then I split the signal just before the cab block and used output 3 to route the signal without the cab block.

That output 3 goes to an amp (using a mooer baby bomb 30 or even my peavey 5150 effects return input) and that sends the amped signal to the cab.

Sounds amazing :-).


Thanks for the responses, really appreciate that.

@blempens - are you able to make a video to show your setup? I’m more interested to see how you’ve line it up then how it sounds at this point.

But as far as I know, the power amp section cannot be bypassed for amp blocks right now in QC, so if you use your amp’s fx return, then your signal is actually colored twice by the tube power amp sections. It might sound good or weird or maybe it is not noticeable but keep in mind that. It is better to use neutral power amps.

you don’t need to split the signal path to do this, you can simply add the fx loop block just before your cab block and chose what output it sends out of.

There’s a QC 4CM video on YouTube

just to add… @blempens did not use the 4 cable method but is happy with the results… I’m tempted to go a few steps further and create a Wet-Dry-Wet stage setup… but that defeats my main motivation for buying the QC: great sounds/less gear.

And, what about something more simple? I still haven’t received mine, but I will use it as a simple pre-FX unit.

Maybe I could use the FX loop for sending some time effects to amp return.

No problem on that way, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if I use a real cab, I don’t see where is the problem with cab simulations. I think I could send them to the amp using the FX loop (bypassing the amp’s preamp) without using a Power Amp or reamp box… Or am I wring?

Since you’re using the power amp of your regular amp in your scenario, you don’t need another power amp. That is only necessary if you’re planning on going directly from QC to a cab.

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Thank you! I misunderstood the original question! :confounded:

Now, everything make sense!

I do a similar method, but I have a problem with the current setup. Say you have stereo reverb and delays after the cabsim/IR. If you split off just before the cabsim/IR to say lane 3/4, you need to add your post speaker effects again. Seems like there could be a more efficient way of doing it.

Line 6 PowerCab is an interesting solution, here. Use the built in speaker models in place of the QC cab block. Or, use QC cab/IR and post-cab effects into the PowerCab FRFR mode.

There, I just doubled the cost of your rig.