Using the 11 potentiometers to its full 'potential'

I’m thinking quick access to any parameter from any block on the screen (preset/stomp/scene) or global settings by assigning them to these potentiometers. All we need is a pop up with the name of the parameter and the value increasing or decreasing when engaged.

Use cases.

  1. Its swipe down, select input and then adjust the input gain… or Turn potentiometer A and its setting input gain for input 1 and E is for input 2.
  2. Same for outputs… may be my mic on input two is a bit soft and I need ‘rather immediately’ volume while in the middle of a song… simple turn the H potentiometer and keep and singing the next line.
  3. While my expression pedal is bringing in the delay mix and feedback for parts of the song, I hear my repeats are a bit too harsh and I need to bring down the low pass filter. I’d like to use potentiometer B to control high pass and F for low pass on delays.
  4. When using 2 inputs (Guitar and Vocals) I like to have the first row of potentiometer controlling parameters for all blocks going to output 1/2 and the next row controlling parameters for blocks routing to output 3/4.

These are just examples… but will unlock a massive potential to quick access/edit… This ‘may’ also be attractive to those analog snobs who want to change by using a ‘knob’ :).

Does anyone else have a use case idea?

At the risk of sounding pedantic, they’re rotary encoders, not potentiometers but I prefer to refer to them simply as “knobs”. :nerd_face:

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Hi, this feature request already exists.