Scene assigned expression pedals

I think it would be very useful to be able to assign different expression pedal settings for the same block in different scenes. I am supposed this isn’t a option now.

For example, being able to assign a expression pedal in scene A to alter the mix level of a reverb from 10-30% , then in scene B the same expression pedal could alter the same reverb mix level from 0-10%. While have the reverb on scene c at a steady 5% without any expression pedal assigned .

I agree, I came across this today… I thought I’d stumbled across a really flexible way to maximise each scene only to find that my assignments are affecting multiple scenes… in my mind these should be independent


I just ran into this also!! Being able to have expression pedal control change with scenes would be SICK!!!

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Can’t find a possibility to set Volume as global for EXP.
It can’t be that you have to set this for every preset, right?
Should be assigned in the I/O Settings to varible outputs

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