Option to assign encoders to control set parameters on different blocks

So what i was thinking was the ability to assign the encoders to a parameter on a pedal or amp block without having to select it first. For example, say the mix and feedback of a delay are set to A and B and the rate of a tremolo to C you can then turn the controls manually like some of us do live. If you were in presets or scene mode then just press the footswitch to return to the original settings.

I know its not a function everybody would use but i realised earlier its one of the few things i miss about pedals now.

A more general solution would be to have a MIDI controller mode where all footswitches and encoders can send MIDI messages, and all block parameters can be configured to receive MIDI messages. Then we can configure whatever we need in a patch or scene. Morningstar MC8 provides a good model for how the switches and encoders could be configured. Helix is a good model for how to configure block parameters to receive MIDI messages.

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Having had an MC8 before i think you’re spot on, that’s a massive improvement on my idea. It could cover a lot of ground with an app based editor like the Morningstar one too. Also the momentary functions i covered in my other post. It could probably be a work around for the tremolo delay request i saw if there was a lfo function like on the Morngingstar too.