Footswitch encoders assignable to effect controls

For example, when you want to get down on the ground and have a good old-fasioned delay pedal freakout!

It would be great to be able to assign the footswitch encoders to any effect controls as an expression map, just like you would with an expression pedal. Like footswitch A assigned to delay time and B assigned to delay feedback.

And when editing a block, this would be temporarily disabled so youre not editing 2 parameters at once and messing up your patch.

Many thanks in advance! :heart::heart:

there are expression “pedals” with potis and sliders instead of foot pedals, would this be an option? I’m afraid your use case is a bit too specific to put development time / manpower into it instead of into features that would appeal to more users.

A request for this already exists, though it only has one vote. MIDI might be the best way to implement it.

Thanks to you both for your feedback.
(Somehow didnt find that other thread, i did look!)
Some considerations:

  • There are only 2x midi CC parameters. Exp1 and exp2. From what I understand, midi can only control the pedals, not anything directly.

  • doing this mod will give you the expanded expression without the additional gear. The knobs are already there.

  • if NDSP implement this the same way they have with the exp pedals, it could increase the assignable midi CC by up to 11 more.

  • this will be huge for hand tweakers like synth players.

I think there are benefits beyond the scope of my request.