Using Quad Cortex as interface with MacBook software synth (Fishman Tripleplay)

My Quad Cortex arrived yesterday - so I’m learning my way around it - and I’m blown away already by the Neural Capture I made of my Vox AC15… amazing.
In addition to my ‘normal’ guitar stuff, I have a Fishman Tripleplay midi pickup (Wireless version) and I am already thinking how great it would be if I could send MacBook based synth pads via USB to the Quad Cortex and mix’n match software synth sounds with my straight guitar sounds…
Is this possible? So I have my synths all set up on the MacBook, controlled by the Fishman app, and I know I can ‘export’ these sounds via USB to an interface and then on to my FRFR monitors or studio Monitors. So my Question is:
Will the QC accept audio from the MacBook via the usb port - and can I then assign this audio to a channel in the grid - and then assign QC switches to control the synth channel?
This has been an idea brewing for ages, but I think… the QC will do what I want, and will save me having to buy a separate interface.
Answers gratefully received - I’m all ears :slight_smile:

You can set the output of a lane to a USB output - select that as the input to Tripleplay. Then the Tripleplay output would be set to USB 1/2, using QC as your audio interface. Then control Tripleplay with MIDI. I use to do this, but switched to the MIDI Guitar 2 plugin. It tracks almost as well and doesn’t require a hex pickup.

I hope someday QC will host VST plugins directly.

Thanks - If I am aiming to send audio from the MacBook (which hosts the tripleplay and synth software) to the QC… wouldn’t I set a lane ‘input’ to usb, rather than the output? All actual audio will end up going from the outputs of the QC - to my monitors, I just want to control my two sound sources (guitar and tripleplay synth) from the QC.