MIDI Thru from USB to DIN

I was just trying to use the Quad Cortex as a MIDI interface while recording analog synths. It seems the QC is incapable of forwarding MIDI messages it receives via USB through its MIDI DIN port, no matter what the settings are. I think this should be changed, if possible.
It would allow the QC to be the first link in a chain of MIDI devices controlled by a computer, as well as just allowing it to function as a basic MIDI IN/OUT device for a computer.
It would be handy on the go, when Quad Cortex could be the only audio and MIDI interface I’d have to have with me!

Hi there, @Firerock!

Thank you for the feature request.

It isn’t something available at the moment, as you pointed out. However, our dev team is aware of it.

We plan on expanding MIDI functionality in the future.

I will forward your suggestion regarding this feature to be added when we start supporting incoming midi to change parameters and do other MIDI improvements, for the dev team’s consideration.

Thanks! :slight_smile: