Quad Cortex as general audio interface / Neural CNS compatibility with Mac OS Yosemite

Dear team Neural DSP,

On the Quad Cortex website it says “Use Quad Cortex as a high-fidelity interface…”

This might be a dumb question but next to directly recording guitar with the Quad Cortex via USB, can I use it as a general audio interface for mixing purposes? Thus, could I get rid of my old interface, once I got the Quad Cortex?

My second question is: Will the Neural CNS software be compatible with Mac OS Yosemite or will I need to update?


I’m also planning to use QC as my only audio interface and connect it with usb to Macbook Pro with Logic Pro X. My question is if it’s possible to record to tracks simultaneously so that I would have DI on one track for future reamping possibilities (with QC) and normal modelled signal on another track?


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