Need USB Setup Help

I’ve got:

Quad Cortex
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
2018 MacBook Pro
Presonus Studio One

The Focusrite is USB and so is the Quad Cortex. But I’ve only one USB “C” port on the MacBook Pro. I want to use the QC as my input VIA USB and use the Focusrite as my playback device VIA USB. What’s the best way to hook both the QC and the Focusrite up to the MacBook VIA USB?

I am assuming I’ll need some type of USB Hub? Thanx in advance for any advice or help.

Hi @monteallums,

I’m no Mac user, so I cannot provide a definitive answer. However, on PC my USB hub works fine. But maybe some Mac users can provide more info.

One comment (feel free to ignore if you knew this already):
You know that you can use the QC as input AND playback device?

Hi Andyjcp and thx for the reply. I have considered using the QC as both. This is one of my gtr students setup and I am just trying to help him. But you bring up a good point. I have a UAD Apollo and use it as my playback for obvious reasons. But the QC actually might be a better input and playback solution for him. Thanx for the suggestion.

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Regarding port expansion on the mac, there are several aftermarket options. I‘m using a USB-C to 3x USB-A + Ethernet adapter and it works fine with everything that doesn’t draw too much power.
It seems to be not available anymore but just as an example:

Thanx for the heads up 2342! Much appreciated!