Using plugins with QC

I have been using my plugins with QuadCortex by hooking my MacBook up to QC via USB audio.
It works great and I can have a QC slot hooked up by using USB 5 & 6 plugin output as a grid input as in the Tom Quayle demo video.
The setback is that I have to set the plugin patch first and if I want a different sound I have to change patches with the track pad ( or a mouse ) Too much to do in the live situation as I have other things to do between songs.
I was wondering if I could send a patch change to the plugin when I change scenes on the QC. Thus the QC patch could be used for up to 8 different sounds using scenes. Even if I had to use a new QC patch for each change rather than scenes this would be ok too.
I presume this would be via midi program change
If so Would this be over the usb cable or would a discrete midi cable and interface be needed
At the moment I use ,from Petrucci 4 user presets
Piezo ,clean , and 2 crunch patches. So I can use the track pad to go up and down but it would be better to do it with scene changes
Am I asking too much?
Cheers BlaMM

Check out this video from Tom Quayle which might help your configuration to use plug-ins with the QC via USB audio:

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