Using QC as a midi controller for Archetype Plug Ins

I’ll happily admit I’m not good at using midi and find the whole thing really complicated.

I’ve finally got to grips with using my QC to control my amp (Victory V30) and Two Notes Torpedo Live using midi.

Now, for studio use, I’d like to use my QC to turn things on and off in the archetype plug ins.

I’ve found videos on Youtube of people using other midi foot controllers to switch things on the plugins but find it odd that Neural DSP doesn’t seem to have one showing how to correctly plug in and map the QC to one of their plug ins on a PC or Laptop.

If anyone has an idiots guide on how to do this I’d really appreciate it. After many failed attempts I’m just about ready to launch my QC out of a window.


I’ve sorted this issue. I think it was due to the QC not being in the correct mode. It has to be in scene mode. Also make sure the settings in the Plug in is set to receive midi from the correct source.