Some requests

Some requests from my side, add to the topic if anyone has other requests.

  1. A dark theme for Archetype Plini - Not a very important issue, but when you look at all other plugins the dark background blends well with the gui and pleasant to the eyes. The white background however,in Archetype Plini is not someting I like and i think most people would agree. It doesn’t match the setup, all the empty white space makes it look like an audiority plugin

  2. A Host Plugin- This has to be the most requested and most ignored request everywhere. Everyone wants a plugin inside of which all the individual components of the plugins one owns can be interchangeably used. Kind of like what amphub is doing. This would be monumental for anyone who owns more than one archetypes because the pedals are awesome.

  3. The Gojira Plug is said to be the most optimized plugin. I eats up a lot less cpu than any other plugin. Please update the already existing plugins to be less cpu intensive. I know there are work arounds and we are willing to wait, but please work on that cuz it would save us a lot of time while mixing and recording


Your second suggestion is brilliant. I mainly use Abasi, but the noise gate is sub-standard at best, so I have to use the gate from Plini or Nolly inserted into theFX bus which isn’t good for CPU usage. A hub sort of arrangement might offer a workaround while I wait for the long-promised Abasi update.

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