Using Archetype: Cory Wong to recreate Vox Conqueror and UL730, and Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster into Vox AC30 (Beatles and Rory Gallagher tones respectively)


I started my free trial of Archetype: Cory Wong yesterday and I am really enjoying it. I have to commend Neural DSP for such amazing work. I finally don’t have to listen to the miserable sound of my guitar through my fuzz pedal going DI into my 2i2. I want a good sound for when I am away at college so I can record listenable demos or guitar parts for whatever it may be that I’m working on.

I want to try recreating a few sounds from some Vox amps (+ a Rangemaster) used by The Beatles and Rory Gallagher using Archetype: Cory Wong. So far, I have come up with 3 decent sounding presets. The issue is mainly accuracy now. My ears tell me that I have something wrong but they don’t tell me how to fix it.

Here is a brief summary of the sound for each preset that I have so far. I would like to refine them and make them more accurate.

  • To emulate the AC30 with the Rangemaster, I have decent sounding clean tone using the Amp Snob that allows for a touch of breakup if I strike my strings hard enough.
  • To emulate the Conqueror, I have decently bodied, bright, transient, and aggressive fuzz-like sound using the Amp Snob.
  • To emulate the UL730, I have a somewhat overly ringy and nasal sound with a notable bite, again, using the Amp Snob.

If anyone thinks that some other plugin by Neural DSP would be better suited, I would consider it. However, if I understand correctly, most of the plugins are modern high gain oriented so I don’t expect to likely use a different plugin. I think I read that Nolly is a good and versatile option and has a decent clean amp which I would maybe want for Rory Gallagher’s clean tone depending on how it sounds. (Andy from Reverb says, “but first, here’s my clean tone.”)

Also, note that I use a Fender Jazz Stratocaster so if there are any considerations that you think should be made for such pickups like the Jazzmaster pickups, be sure to account for that.

Beatles tones:

I am trying to figure out if I can recreate the sound of the Vox Conqueror and UL730 solid state amps used by The Beatles. The UL730 was used during sessions for Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s and the Conqueror was used during sessions for Sgt. Pepper’s through Abbey Road. I do understand that the feel and behavior of a solid state amp is not going to be met exactly on the mark by an amp simulation of what I assume to be generally tube amps in Archetype: Cory Wong at least (correct me if I’m wrong).

Conqueror general information

  • Standard Vox bright, high-mids forward voicing
  • Normal and “brilliant” (bright) channel
  • Built in fuzz in bright channel
  • 3 way midrange boost selector
  • Aggressive screaming “razor” fuzz/distortion sound

UL730 general information

  • Nasal, bright, high-mids forward voicing
  • Has bright switch
  • aggressive overdrive sound

Rory Gallagher tones:

Rory Gallagher used a Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster which he played into a Vox AC30. And if you thought the man couldn’t have enough high end, he played a Strat too lmao. You’d be surprised about how balanced his tone was though. It didn’t sound like the tinnitus from having a nuke go off in your ear somehow but anyway…

Vox AC30 general information

  • Rory supposedly ran the amp with most controls at noon
  • The rangemaster was supposedly always cranked
  • His main control for tone was by using the guitar’s knobs
  • Bright, ringing cleans
  • Warm, defined, gritty overdrive

Song examples:

  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
    • Inconclusive regarding amp choice (maybe UL730 or even both)
    • Likely an Epiphone Casino for rhythm (possibly Conqueror)
    • Likely a Fender Esquire for lead (probably UL730)
  • Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
    • Video footage indicates Vox Conqueror
    • Video footage indicates Gibson SG
  • And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles
    • Likely UL730
    • Likely an Epiphone Casino for lead (but could be a Fender Stratocaster)
  • What’s Going On - Taste (Rory on guitar)
    • Vox AC30
    • Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster
    • Fender Stratocaster
  • Maybe I Will - Rory Gallagher
    • Vox AC30
    • Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster
    • Fender Stratocaster

Here are my presets. Feel free to give me feedback as to how I can improve them or if you tweak them yourself. I don’t find them to be amazingly accurate so any feedback would be much appreciated. I feel like they are somewhat usable aside from the occasionally ringy part for the UL730 emulation attempt.

Distorque plugins offers their “RangeB@st@rd” which is their take on the Rangemaster in VST and its free. I have not messed with it yet (on the todo list) but might be worth a download/audition given your spec…

Thanks! I tried it with the clean amp preset that I have and I had to tweak some of the tone controls after to get the clean sound right and it definitely does the dirty sound right. I just need to do a bit more tweaking but that got me closer to where I should be.

Remember that the plugin Input level can be very effective for reducing drive into the amp. Every bit as much as the initial volume knob on the amp itself. That might help get the cleans you are looking for.

I set it to noon and then control drive with my guitar volume because that generally has a very similar effect. Are there any tonal (or otherwise) differences to note between cranked guitar volume and cranked input volume aside from maximum gain?