Archetype Petrucci

Holy shit if this isn’t the greatest fucking plugin ever released. I’m not all too familiar with Architects, but the presets created by Adam Christianson are so simple yet they sound and feel SOOO GOOOD! I’m totally heads over heels in love with this plugin! WELL DONE NEURAL!!!


really excited and purchased Archetype JP just after its release before sleeping at the nite :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I just did a Deep Dive with Archetype Petrucci over at the Digital Guitarist YouTube Channel if you are interested. Short version: I bought it and really like it except for a few details. Hope you like it.

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Added a TOC to the video. It looks like this:
0:00 Intro
0:46 First Impressions
2:29 Piezo amp (tuner interlude) Piezo amp
4:13 Clean Amp
4:55 Interesting gate behavior
5:59 Bug! (minor)
6:09 Back to the Clean amp
7:23 Cranking rhythm amp (begins with demo of the gate working great)
9:22 Lead amp
10:40 Wah+pitch+volume connected to MIDI pedals: too much fun
16:08 Semi-parametric EQ v. cocked wah: All about the mids boost
18:21 OD/Ph/Ch/Fl pedalboard
19:58 Space-time discontinuity
20:21 Rack I: The more expensive chorus
22:15 Rack II: very cool but not quite there yet delay
25:29 A little weird music courtesy of the delay
27:10 Problem: delay and reverb tails
27:45 Rack II ctd: “crystal” knob on the delay. Get yr grains on
28:44 Rack II ctd: “mod” knob on the delay. Maybe I’m missing something?
29:38 Rack III: reverb
30:55 Rack III: the Daniel Lanois-izer on the reverb
31:37 Wrapping up: global menu, feature requests, recommendations, conclusions
31:43 Feature Req: persistent pedal and rack settings attached to the amp model
32:20 Input mode
32:48 CPU
34:18 Summing up.
34:25 Who might want to get it and when
35:24 Finishing up

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