Archetype Nolly Bug volume lowers gradually, drops to 0, crackling

After playing on a self-made preset on amp and cab 1 for some time, the standalone plugin begins to drop in volume until it lowers to zero. Switching to other presets shows that my guitar and interface are not the culprits. Switching back to the preset, I see that the input meter is registering my guitar input OK, but there is no sound. Playing with different parameters doesn’t do anything. After some time, sound comes back, but it is a horrible super saturated sound which I would characterize as playing through a broken amplifier into a cracked speaker. This has happened on multiple occasions. I recorded a video on my cellphone after the volume lowered completely and I was able to catch a clip of the broken amp/speaker sound.

Video with evidence of issue: Nolly Crackling Bug

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out and for reporting that issue.

Regarding the issue with volume fading out:
Our dev team has identified it and is working on a fix for it ASAP.

We appreciate your patience as we work on the update, carefully rooting out any potential issues. :male_detective:

Also, I see that we just received an email from you. Thanks for reaching out to us on the official support channel,
I appreciate your prompt communication :slight_smile:

Our best regards.