Is This Amount Of Noise Normal?


I seem to have a lot of high end noise on all of my Neural Plugins. You can hear it more when palm muting. Is this normal? I always thought it was until I watched an Ola vid of him recording a track using Plini and he clearly doesn’t have this issue. I’m using a Behringer UMC202HD. Have played around with input gain, gate (which obviously only kicks in when silent), buffer settings etc. Any help would be great! Here is a quick vid to show you what I mean!

On a different note, anyone know why I can’t get this site to run on Chrome? Have to use Edge to get on here! UPDATE… fixed…adblocker!

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Yes, that seems normal. You have a lot of gain and that’s doing to result in noise. The gate closes it down but still lets some through to not cut off the tails on your guitar. Try using the lowest amount of gain that still gets the tone you want for the song.

Proper gain staging will resolve your clipping issues. When using hi gain amps, you have to properly set your gain and volume levels to avoid digital clipping. To resolve your issues, lower the overall gain (e.g. pedals and amps) and find the sweet spot for the gate as @jamsden stated.