Noise gate issues

Hey, I’m using Plini and Nolly plugins through Scarlet 2i2 interface, and I find the noise gate working quite weird on them.
With a disabled gate, I have a slight hiss going on (maybe from pickups, or cable, or just because of high gain, not sure). When I turn on the gate, just a bit, the hiss disappears. But as soon as I slightly pick or touch the strings, the hiss breaks through the noise gate. Exactly the same type/volume as just was suppressed by the gate. Even if I dial the gate up, the issue persists, although not as pronounced as before, and I’d obviously have to pick harder to hear it.
Logically, this kind of noise should be filtered out, no matter if I’m playing or not, right?

Hello @dmitry.savyuk. Please contact explaining your issue. If you could attach an audio example would be great.

I get the exact same kind of issue, it has been driving me nuts. I also have a copy of Revalver 4 and the noise gate in that program works much more aggressively and the noise doesn’t seep through. On all of the Neural DSP stuff it is fine when I’m not touching my strings, but it seems the noise just gets amplified when playing.

I also have a Scarlett 2i2, 3rd gen. I’ve trade swapping cables, updating drivers, etc.

PS: my work around for now, at least in Reaper, is to load up the noise gate from Revalver 4 and put it in a chain before the Neural DSP stuff.

So I’ve sent the sample as support asked. They responded with couple of tips on how to reduce noise (totally not related to plugin, but thanks for that anyways).
After more investigation and trying out different plugins, it just seems for me that gate’s fade/decay on NeuralDSP plugins is just too long?
For comparison, I find STL Tonality’s gate extremely nice, it’s decaying fast but smooth, giving a very natural feel.

I think that it would be extremely useful to be able to adjust different gate parameters, because now the gate is very basic for a plugin of such a high tier.