USB file access (MTP or similar)

Dear Neural-DSP team,

since it may take a bit longer to have a full desktop app to connect to the Quad Cortex, could it be a short-term solution to enable us to access the file system via USB (MTP or whatever protocol fits)?

Then we could access our presets and IRs through a file explorer on PC or Mac.
Download, local backup, upload, etc.

For me, this would fulfill most my needs and would make the waiting time for a full desktop app much easier.

Or is it already possible and I missed it?

Personally I believe 2.0 will resolve some of those requirements but as far as local backup of ‘individual’ presets/captures etc., I believe NDSP has indicated that is not in the works currently and will be controlled via the cloud. Regardless, MTP is a good suggestion!

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While I’m a fan of having direct access to the files on my devices, I think there might be a reason why NDSP has been avoiding this option. For example, avoiding direct access to capture files helps to avoid piracy when it comes to paid captures. On the Kemper, if you buy a profile pack, you can easily send the files to anyone else who didn’t pay for it. I imagine, on the QC any purchases would be allocated to your cloud account without any possibility to share them.

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You’re right, copyright protection may be a reason against full file access, but I think you could probably also limit the access somehow to your own stuff, presets and IRs.

Let’s see, maybe someone from NDSP can check.