Neural App improvement: preview presets before downloading

Hi there. It would be very interesting to implement a recording of each new user contribution in the neural App, to be able to listen to the sound prior to downloading. A name alone is not a true reflection of the sound and would prevent unwanted preset downloads. .What do you think?

I’m not sure about having to record/upload a sample of every new user contribution… maybe the possibility of just trying it/previewing it “on the fly” without actually saving it on the unit would do just fine (just like the Rig Manager lets you do with the KPA)

Hope it’ll be a feature of the desktop editor when it’ll come out.


Like you said, no one will record preview.
Hell, most don’t even bother to describe anything in their captures/presets.

But I bet the desktop editor eventually let us preview, like the Kemper rig manager.

Perhaps we’ll even see this happen directly from the QC before we even get a Desktop Editor.

Maybe NDSP could have a couple of pre-recorded (DI) samples that they can process on their side when a user uploads a capture. In the app you could listen to those samples with the regarding capture.

I don’t know if this is possible with their computing power, just my thoughts.

Yes, I had already thought about it. The users who share the presets will not include a preview of the sound, but I suppose that this is easy to implement from the Quad Cortex and that it is not necessary to download the preset if it is not useful.
I have not used what you say that Kemper does.
Thank you

The way kemper previews new amps before downloading is the exact way neural dsp needs to

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