Can I quickly audition community presets w/o saving each?

Do I have to download/save each individual public community preset/capture just to audition?
Is there a quicker way to simply scroll 'n pass?

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I have this question too. You really have no idea what the preset or capture sound like unless you download which takes a long time.
Even an audition button for the preset itself. push the button and hear a short audio demo.

Yes, until their cloud management matures, that is the only method. You can select multiple captures at once but you can only hear the preset by downloading it.

I think it should be mandatory for uploaders to actually give a description of the preset, too, in some small but informative way. Otherwise, it’s just a crapshoot.

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I think a rating would be preferable, not all captures are high quality. Of course many are free, but I think the Cloud could use a user rating and comment

It would probably be subjective. What sounds good to you might not to someone else etc.
I like their current strategy using the stars, showing popularity but a method to preview presets and captures would be incredible.

I think the big improvement will be when they launch a marketplace where content creators can sell capture/preset packs. Then you’ll get much more consistent results and descriptions for a few bucks. I’m coming from Helix and that’s how it is there. They have a huge library of user submitted stuff and it’s a total crapshoot to find anything useful. On the flipside there are creators out there selling fantastic presets for pretty cheap.

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Yeah an preview would be great

There are a few really professionals out there like:

There are more guys out there, but they sell their captures outside the QC Cloud. These guys invest tons of dollars to get the best results for a fair price. But I think these pros should have a platform on NDSP