How about a capture-plugin and/or standalone application?

Imagine using NDSP captures in your DAW via a plugin that connects to the neural cloud in order to access all captures available for the QC.
Imagine using a plugin or standalone application to capture amps, pedals, etc. without needing a quad cortex and upload them to the neural cloud.

Not only would this make neural captures much more attractive and accessible for studio use but it would also make it much easier for capture-creators to contribute new captures to the cloud without the need for a QC. These captures could in turn be used by QC owners on their devices as well.

It might sound like loosing one of the unique selling points of the QC by making NDSP capture technology available as a software. But on the other hand NDSP captures could easily become an industry standard when it comes to capturing / profiling by making them available beyond the QC hardware. I’m thinking about a NDSP capture ecosystem with different entry-points and use-cases, not exclusively for QC owners. QC would still be the only embedded device to support NDSP captures and capturing, so there’s the unique selling point again.

What do you think?

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Yup. Honestly it’s crazy that there isn’t a good capture VST/software solution out there. I suspect part of it is that NDSP, kemper etc want to maintain profit margins on their hardware / R&D. If one of the major plugin manufacturers developed a quality system though they’d make a killing.

The hardware would still sell super well for live applications. I think NDSP could make a tonne of cash out of hobby and studio musicians with a software version.

Well, here we go…

Another company though. But amazing ads nevertheless.