USB Connection Problem

This is a strange one.
I had my Quad Cortex hooked up to my 2015 27" iMac, via a USB hub (i know, not really supported) along with an Audient iD14 interface, configured in an Aggregate Device. Everything was working fine, I was recieveing USB audio from the QC into Logic, anf playback through the iD14.

Yesterday i strated to fiddle :frowning:

I tried using the QC as an audio interface and ditch the iD14, which worked OK, but decided to go back to my original setup as above, for various reasons.

Now the USB connection between the MAC and QC is not working. It is completely distorted, popping and clicking etc.

This is for both audio from the Mac to the QC, listening via headphones on QC, and also guitar input from QC into Mac.

Tried everything i can think of and cannot resolve this. I tred connecting the QC to my MacBook Pro, using the same USB cable, and that works fine.

Also, audio from Mac using the iD14 works fine.

I have bypassed the USB hub and connected the QC direct to the Mac using same cable as was working on MacBook Pro.
Deleted Aggregate Device and use the QC only for input and output.
Factory reset the QC
Updated Mac to latest version ofr Monerey 12.7

I literraly can’t think of anything else to try, any suggestions?

In the audio/midi settings for the Mac, is the QC as interface set to 48kHz sample rate? Perhaps it reset for some reason? Can’t really think of any other setting that might have caused the issues you’re having.

That’s what I was thinking originally, really sounds like it’s a sample rate mismatch, but in Audio MIDI settings, it only has option of 48Khz, which can’t be changed. Also, when using the QC in the Aggregate Device, I can choose either the iD14 or the QC to provide clock at 48Khz, grid it both ways round, but doesn’t make a difference.

Also, to make things worse, Cortex Control will not connect either now, which it was before. It loads and gets as far as loading preset, then either just hangs or crashes.

Just went and forked out another £15 for a new USB cable, even though the existing one works OK on my MacBook Pro, but still nothing.

Fixed it.

It was a grounding issue. I was aware of the ground loop issues with the QC affecting audio, that you need some external device like monitors connected otherwise you get bad hum due to there not being any ground connection from the power supply.

What I wasn’t aware of was this also affects USB connections. When I connected the QC to my Mac, I did not hook up any external monitors, just USB into the Mac and use studio monitors connected via my audio interface. I just plugged a monitor into the XLR and now all good.

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Interesting discovery. This could help a lot of folks who might be having the same issue. Thanks for updating!