USB Asio drivers seem unstable

Hi everyone, just got my unit and I’m trying to integrate in my workflow.

I already have a focusrite 18i20, but I tried to use the QC USB sound card to compare the two.

Lots of digital cracking on the QC. In Ableton audio cuts off every few minutes. Changing sample count to anything brings it back. Latency is higher than the Focusrite. All in all a pretty disappointing experience.

Windows 10/Ableton 11

Am I alone or is this just the state of the QA drivers?

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Thanks for the link I’ll give it a shot.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the Focusrite does not have this issue, I also have a MOTU as a spare and similarly no issues.

I have the same problem as you. Windows 11 + Cubase 12. Unusable in current state.

Even with the QC in stanby it’s messing with the ASIO stability of the FocusRite, this is pretty annoying.

I’d just uninstall the drivers but I won’t be able to use Cortex Control which makes the unit a lot less attractive :confused:

try disabling all other unnecessary sound devices. this is the first thing almost any support team will tell you. focusrite will tell you to disable ALL other sound devices. This wasnt an option for me so I disabled my onboard realtek and it got a little batter. I ended up doing the trick i mentioned in the earlier post and now i dont have issues with 4+ sound devices enabled.

i would also maybe look into system idle or sleep states turning down the usb connection and stop that from happenning, and/or getting your system to not “detach” from the sound system after a short time finishing making a sound as many do.