Weird noises with quad cortex as an audio interface

here is a trick i have used to eliminate this issue.

set PC to high performance power settings

download “powersettingsexplorer” program

run it and find the entry called like “CPU power performance timing check interval” or something

you will see that its set to 15ms for the high performance power profile.

this means that your computer will check every 15 ms to see if it needs to adjust the power settings on your PC. This can cause a massive storm of hardware interrupts, as many as 150-200k in a 12 second period. These hardware interrupt floods choke out your PC because it literally “interrupts” what its doing to do this, in my case over 170k times in a 12 second span.

I set it from 15 to 5000 ms which is the maximum.

I never have this problem again

you can run a scan using xperf to see how many it generates and how many it generates afterwards

i was at 176k, and after this settings i do about 4k instead of 176k. There are other settings I could do to decrease this down to 1%, but im not bothering because getting it down to 4k from 176k seems to have done the trick

as a side note, i have noticed a lot of stuff loads faster now too.

Here is a video explaining the entire thing.