Will coros 2 include updated win driver


I recently moved from Reaper to studio one 6 pro and since I am hitting some issues using qc using the usb connection, so using the qc as an interface and tracking guitar and bass through it in to my windows 10 pc.

I love the sound and flexibility and results from the qc, but I am hitting some challenges since switching daw that has got me thinking…

my issue is, to get low latency I set the block size to 64 or 128 and works great, however its only a matter of time before it craps out. As in the audio of the play back stays ok but the audio from qc gets totally and consistently be glitched and unusable until I reset the block size and for a while it’s ok but will glitch again, and this is getting recorded in the daw totally spoiling the take. It happens on reaper as well but to a much lesser extent.

I don’t want to get too held on the issue as I can track in reaper and bring the tracks into studio one for mixing etc. also studio one has performance and jitter settings and a low latency mode that I don’t understand yet so I’m sure I’ll fix it in time.

But it got me thinking. Is it just me and my computer? Is this a qc driver and windows asio stability issue? Will the pending qc update also update the win usb driver? And with the new and affordable Apple m2 Mac mini could a switch to Mac and its core audio provide a fix.

Sorry for taking so long to get to the point and the multiple questions but was interested in the communities experiences and take on this.

Rock on…

Currently, there is no indication of a new driver coming with the release. Have you enabled safe mode on the driver control app? Otherwise, I would suggest emailing support@neuraldsp.com and they should be able to get you up and running quickly.