QC Audio Glitches with Ableton

Just got my QC pretty recently and am trying to use it with ableton (Windows 10). Whenever I try to use it as the audio driver for Ableton, it hisses/glitches/pops and occasionally gives a bitcrush-like effect. Larger Ableton projects worsen the effect, but even on a simple project with a few raw audio tracks and Kontakt drums the effect is present. I’ve tried messing with the input buffer, but larger delays will sometimes make the effect worse, as will messing with driver error compensation. The sample rate, etc. are all correct as far as I can tell as well, and the device works fine for listening to something like Youtube audio. As it stands, the QC is basically unusable with ableton, and I’m resorting to tracking a few things then switching back to my SSL audio interface to actually do any sort of mixing/production. Is this a known issue/is there anything I can do to minimize it? And if not are any sort of driver improvements in the works?

It’s a known issue. Some people have resorted to using Asio4All for the time being

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