Updates for QC os

When will we see an update for the QC. They are coming slow for sure.

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The industry-standard answer:

Soon :wink:

(In truth, no one knows except NDSP).


I work in software, and precisely estimating “how long until it’s done” is a Hard Problem, bordering on impossible. To make matters worse, the incentive structure is messed up, due to human nature. There’s simply no upside in revealing a hard date when Thing X will be done. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual developer estimating for management, or a public company talking to the general public; revealing an estimated completion date will get you in trouble.

If you err on the side of under-estimating, it will placate them, but they won’t love you for it, they’ll just accept it as given. Then when you miss the deadline you get howls of outrage. If you err on the side of over-estimating, you immediately get howls of outrage. It doesn’t matter if you end up delivering ahead of schedule; the damage is done.

This is why software companies like the phrase “Real Soon Now”. I fully expect NDSP is working furiously putting the final polish on some pre-release version of QC OS, but they may very likely keep mum until the day of release. Bugs are being worked out, and full suites of tests are being done.


I am fully aware of what it takes to revise os. I am just trying to show my frustration with the promise of some things when the unit was released. I do love the QC even with all the faults it may have… Keeping fingers crossed it comes sooner than later…

It’s currently in beta testing.

Appreciating this is a less mature and younger product in the market, I personally feel the competitor Fractal offers a closer support and development of their products…
Despite loving Quad Cortex I am shocked that there has not been priority into improving the poor capture system in which amps and pedals lose gain and some eq and we keep pretending this doesn’t happen and prioritise other features less important? In my opinion getting something right is better than getting many things half way.
I appreciate this may seem minor however it is not and makes the user wonder, did I make the right choice moving from Fractal to Quad? @M_NDSP

That’s absolutely true. I worked as a Product Coordinator in the software industry for quite a while and when a RFC is not yet implemented, you’ll get a lot of shit from customers, better later than a software change with bugs, I think the last is far more worse than patching (which is also a work-around flaws)

I work in software too
with Fixed Intermediate Release (1/month)

It’s common to push back to further releases because of this but its our way of work.

everything you said is true

Yesterday, its phenomenal!

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Yes, I’ve seen some early users talking about the new looper, freezer, amps, cabs and effects and it seems be be very promising.

They did a couple days ago, at 1.3.0 then had two bug fixes 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 the last two days.