Has there been a QC development update for November?

I’m starting to worry that CorOS 2.0, plugin support, desktop editor, etc is never gonna happen. They’ve been saying “soon” for months. Last month they didn’t even post a real update. I love my QC but I can’t say I’m not frustrated.


Hi, there is no update yet, but don’t worry about that, after coreOS 2.0 will come another update and then one and another one and new features that we will want right away, so is like a cycle, it will never ends, I try to enjoy what I can do now, we don’t know if we will be here tomorrow :see_no_evil:

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Not yet, based on the earlier ones it will come within a day or two :smile:
It its any consolation, it took line6helix 7 years to get as good cabs and tones as the QC already have. if we get a few big updates a year, the QC will be lightyears a head of both L6 and kemper in a year or two. Maybe even fractal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where I live, it’s still November :smiley:

Seeing as how the workday is over in Finland I don’t expect we’ll see one today either. Its actually mind blowing to me that they’ve received so much criticism for this in the past and then seemed to turn a corner in the summer/fall. The last update was basically a sentence. Customers just want to have some idea of whats going on. It doesn’t have to go into great detail. Its a much worse look when they get the impression you are avoiding them all together “The beta was released on Oct 23 and it is such a huge update we are still working through many issues and expect it to take another few weeks” …that took me all of 10 seconds

Yeah I have been checking the news page often in November and now December and still no update. I recently bought my Quad Cortex and there is a lot I like about it, but I thought they would be coming out with updates, or at least news more often. Most of the hype and activity on youtube etc. has really died down. I definitely think about selling it and getting a Helix or Fractal.

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Historically we will post end of the month or shortly after the end of the month to give an update on where things sit after the month has passed.

I know everyone is anxious to start using CorOS 2.0.0 (so are we!), but this update is big so beta has been an extensive one!

Everyone can still expect a development update for November. It might not be a big update since we are still in beta, but we’ll be posting one regardless!


I feel exactly the same way , honestly I almost have regrets , other company (Fractal) do big updates also and it doesn’t take that long , when will we get the desktop editor ? only the looper has been done yet , just my 2 cents.

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I hate to complain too, but the frustration is knowing how great the QC can be! It’ll improve over time but there’s still lots of work to be done. Like most, I really want the desktop editor. It would make things so much easier!

Many have said Fractal does a tremendous job with updating their current products. When you think it’s perfect, they find a way to improve with continual firmware updates. In many ways, I regret not buying an FM9 when my name came up on the waitlist. I’m still all in for the QC but getting tired of waiting for the improvements that were promised. /endrant


There’s an update just right around the corner everyone :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen already we’ve posted some previews on Hybrid mode and the redesigned file manager.

I feel like there isn’t much left to be said in this thread until the update comes out.

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