Update 1.0.2 is out

I’m half way through the download.

Keep them coming please :slight_smile:

Cheers, Todde

it is time to provide us with a new update, isn’t it?
There were a lot of good ideas, great suggestions and useful improvements.
How about that Neural?

CorOS 1.0.3 was just released 20 days ago…

CorOS 1.0.4 is in beta

Update - withheld a bit, going beta soon


where did you read that? or are you one of the beta testers? :grinning:

1.04 is in alpha, going to beta soon. From Doug today in the QC Discord channel (today tuesday morning)

It’s frustrating to see Fractal releasing (major !) updates on an almost bi-weekly basis. Instead NDSP have nothing better to do than increase the price quite substantially …

Definitely not the way to go.

If I don’t see some major updates soon, I’ll be going back to the FM3 with the FC6 at almost the same cost. And I’ll bite the dust that I have to use an editor …

I don’t care about captures … I want good amp sounds and great effects and a unit that is not full of bugs and missing features … and one that does not make a very displeasing ground noise when turned off.

I really am trying to like this unit, but it is getting harder by the day …

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You’ll have to change your name to “ExExAxeFx” :smiley:

But you’re right; we just got Cygnus officially for the FM3, and on the Axe III we just got the Carbon Copy delay and the DM-2. The CC is absolutely stellar and will replace my current delays when it comes to the FM3. Yeah, the updates keep rolling in. It helps that Cliff is totally type-A, never sleeps, and loves to push out new stuff all the time.

I didn’t hate the QC when I had mine for the couple days before I realized it’d be years before it’s where it needs to be and/or should be, given the hype, but I’m definitely surprised that so few updates have been released yet. I don’t think it’d be unreasonable to release more frequent, yet small updates. Maybe they’re going for a release schedule like Line 6; extremely infrequent but substantial. We’ll see. I can’t wait for the first substantial update. But who knows how long we’ll have to wait?

imagine if something like a headphone jack was missing!

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ReAxeFxed acually … :joy:

The main reason I went for this unit was the big touch screen and the rotary knobs, which I enjoy still today. I like that I can set everything on the unit and do not need a computer for editing. But seriously - how do you release an expensive new unit to the market that is full of bugs, has very basic features missing and produces a ground loop noise when you turn it off ??? I just can’t get over that ground loop thing … it bugs me every day, just knowing that it is there. It’s the “most powerfull floor modeler in the world” that makes noise when you turn it off and has a lot of very basic features missing. I can’t use it for a gig because it does not have a separate volume dial for a stage output to my backline and an assigned expression pedal to a lane output cannot be saved to a preset ! ??

Seriously, I am frustrated. This is the most powerful floor modeler in the world that constantly loses wifi settings. My €75 ink jet printer NEVER lost it’s wifi settings … duh …

Yeah, i was quite vocal about how bad of an idea I thought this was. Now, anytime someone sells one they’ll need to specify if it’s the headphone jack version or not, as well as price accordingly. I can’t imagine anyone wanting one without a headphone jack, but I guess they were popular enough to sell out immediately regardless.

Funny enough, history has a tendency to make these ‘‘limited editions’’ worth more.
Not because they are better, but because they are rare and limited!

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Basically you sold yours but like hanging around neurals forum promoting a competitor. Class act.


Eh, not exactly; or, rather, that’s not the full picture. I’m here to keep my finger on the pulse and follow development. If you’ve read anything of mine, you’ll know that I badly wanted to love the unit, but it’s too immature for my gigging needs. I’m hoping that with the community’s help, in the near future, it’ll be something I won’t be able to resist.

It’s undeniable that Fractal has some fantastic ideas; hopefully others - including NDSP - will adopt and even improve upon these ideas. These things don’t exist in a vacuum. NDSP doesn’t need this to be a “mleh mleh mleh QC is the best mleh mleh mleh” echo chamber. They don’t have to reinvent every wheel; they can learn from the successes of their competitors and stand on their shoulders.

I can’t wait until there’s features about the QC that I’m happy to promote. Hell, I already do about their UI and capture capability, but that’s not quite enough to win me back as a customer.

its true that the NDSP forum is far from Fractal or even Kemper (fractal is worst IMO) in term of echo chamber.
And yes the quad cortex is still at a very early stage, but its competing directly with the big boys, and even if not quite up the challenge currently, seems to be disturbing enough.

was it over hype? definitely
is it lacking features? yep
does it have potential? hell yes!

I’m confident in a year or so it’ll be where it should, the real test is right now


Is the update 1.0.2. is this the last update? If so, it’s not funny.

It’s not, 1.0.3 was released at the end of may; they are skipping 1.0.4 and jumping straight to 1.1 which they said is in beta testing. According to the last dev update, it should be out in the next week or so.

I’m really hoping so… I’ve had many modellers and i’ve never been one to “expect” updates for the sake of more “stuff” but in this case i believe Neural released a unit that was missing so much of what it SHOULD have had at release… I think there are many people clinging on, (me included) anxiously awaiting the updates to include these things in the hope that the QC will be what it was hyped to be and i sense that many users are growing discontent with the wait…

I should state that i’m loving the QC sounds, I’ve got some killer tones but at the moment there are many compromises over functional things such as TapTempo for Modulation, Wah Auto Engage, Hybrid Switching and some lacklustre FX that make it a downgrade (from my Kemper and AX8) when using it live…

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Just want to chime in and say that if I had to choose between having a QC now (which I do) and waiting another year for a fully baked product, I would choose having it now. I love it despite it’s shortcomings and glad they decided to prioritize getting it in our hands. That being said, I totally understand your perspective.


I agree one to one with Tian.Jay. I would like to add also, that I reckon that NDSP knew about all the Axe Fxs, the Line 6s and the Kempers before even making a business decision to release their own floor unit. The home work was already made …

Cheers, Todde