Tuner unusable

Post the feature and let people vote on it. But for me, 2 seconds to hold the tuner (with or without mute) is not an issue

WIll do this - it’s awkward for me because I don’t actually know if I’m even physically pushing the button if wearing boots and waiting to find out when there may only be a few seconds between songs it’s not a state I want to be in. In addition, having an instant mute is extremely useful

It’s not unusable by any stretch but It seems like a pretty reasonable request given that plenty of people (such as myself) have no use for a tap tempo but plenty of use for a tuner

Edit: I created a feature request:

I received my QC around 3 weeks ago and noticed the same issues with the tuner like @Davidportersr
Never had issues with the tuner in my Helix, but the QC one is just unreliable.

I agree. it will get there eventually - but when you have 10 seconds in-between songs its not quick enough - ive had to put a stobostomp tuner back on my board.

Men, I love the tuner.

That… “eclipse” view. Beautiful!

And very precise, I’d say.

I’d just like (as I said in another thread) the numbers over the sun were bigger, so I can see the offsets clearly.

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Strange that some people have problems with the tuner and others do not.

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True. My experience is that sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn’t.
Before the QC arrived, I had the Sonic Research ST-300 mini. Which, beside being very accurate, is also the fastest tuner I know of, even faster than the Peterson HD Stomp. When the QC arrived I did some testing and decided that the QC tuner is good enough and sold my ST-300 mini. I still regret that…
Most of the time, the QC works just fine. It takes about 1 second before the note is displayed accurate. Sometimes though when I hit a note multiple times, for some reason it jumps to a totally different note. But the very worst thing the QC tuner sometimes does, is that it shows all notes flat for roughly 10 cents. This has happened to me multiple times and I still can’t figure out why.

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