Tuner "hears" notes about 20cents sharp

Fixed. I had an unplugged cable going into Input 2 and it wasn’t connected to an output. I wasn’t hearing it, but the QC was.

My sincerest apologies.

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I personally haven’t had any issues with the tuner and mine seems locked on and as accurate as my Peterson Strobe tuner. I would suggest backing up, factory reset and restore from backup. Worst case if that doesn’t resolve your issue, email support@neuraldsp.com so they can log and hopefully resolve your issue.

I haven’t encountered this problem in a while, but I ran into it multiple times across different firmwares. It only happened from time to time and I wasn’t able to reproduce it on purpose. So it seems it is a rather uncommon but existing bug.

Just checked mine against a Korg clip on and they agree.

Turning down my tone control when tuning to get rid of the upper harmonics seems to settle my turner down, I’ve ways done that anyway. Also different pickup up on different guitars.

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Thanks for the update!

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