Noise problem. On all captures.

CorOS Version: 2

Describe your issue:
Audible noise with all the captures and presets. No matter gain or not.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Turn on QC
  2. Plug my guitar
  3. Noise everywhre.
  4. Not sure if the QC sounds as bad as it sounds to me.

I expected this to happen:
When I do x, I expect y to happen

I have tried the following things:

  • Several guitars
  • Cables
  • Several power suply
  • followed all the support advices.

Any one has the same problem? Any idea??


having the same issue. Did u ever find a fix?

Difficult to say if the noise you experience is normal or excessive. Would you have an audio recording of a preset that we could try to reproduce?

Are you plugging in to something grounded?

What kind of noise? I’ve been experiencing a scratchy sound lately, unusable on any patch. Factory reset, input/output reset, and it’s still here. Tried multiple power sources as well, and different cables, different output destinations, still persists.

Resset the QC. Factory reset.

Move all the volumes down. Input, output… mutted all the un used inputs-outputs. Chage the power supply. Removed all the electronics near the QC. Remove the internet wifi expander from the electric net.

The problem is fixed and I cannot tell you what was Since I had tried all these things separately before.

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Been using QC for about a month and noticed audible hiss, pink noise right away. Especially with higher gain and/or pedals into the amps. I’m a long time helix user and helix is much quieter. I believe it’s in the front end of the QC. To test I ran into the front end of my helix, then usb out into usb in of the QC (route through computer). Much quieter. Been emailing support at Neural. Sent detailed video. Not really getting anywhere with them. I basically just want to know if that’s normal behavior or is my unit funky.

So what am I doing? I turned up the input trim to +9.3 db. There’s a shift in the input staging that reduces the noise level. I play vintage output guitars, strats and Les Paul’s, so the extra gain doesn’t take me into the red (too much). Then I put a gain block of -9.3db first in the chain of all my presets. Kind of a pain, but it reduces the noise quite a bit and keeps the unit at unity gain.

Bottom line is, I don’t know if the design spec of the hardware front end (preamps, A/D converters etc.) are just not up to par with Helix, or there’s some further firmware/software updates that will reduce this noise. Or maybe my unit is faulty, but I kinda doubt that’s the case.

Anyway, I’m in it for the long haul and am using the QC live at shows and it’s great. I play mid gain, classic rock style.

Mine is very quiet…at least as quiet as my Fractal. It must be something in the setup that was overlooked or you have a defective unit. Was it this noisy out of the box or did it come on later? Is the noise still there with the gate in the input block closed. If not, have you tried dragging a noise gate block to different positions in your chain to see where the noise stops? Very frustrating, I’m sure.

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I notice a hiss present on captures. It seemed to appear on 2.0.0, although it may have been there before but didn’t notice it, so not convinced it was.

The hiss is mostly present on held notes, more than when playing. I thought it was just me but could be to do with how the unit handles the captures?

Yes it’s exactly this. After letting the note ring out for a long time, the hissing sound comes in and then as the note fades out, it will go away rather abruptly.

This sounds like you are using and or need to use a noise gate?

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are you using compressors? They can cause that


Here’s a sound clip of the issue. This only happens on certain captures, but the majority of them exhibit this issue. When using multiple captures at the same time (an amp plus a couple of pedals) this hissing gets very loud. Here I am using an amp capture and a clean boost capture.

You must have missed it!

It’s relatively quiet until you add a few stacked overdrives. This will make noise in general, but the hiss is there at the onset. Just put a Klon in front of a Lonstar drive channel and turn your guitar all the way down. Is it there? This is with no noise gates. I generally don’t use them. My Helix has no where near the amount of hiss. I’ll install the update tomorrow and see if it makes any difference. I realize we’re talking about something subjective, but if someone can do that simple test and report back it would let me know if something ‘an amiss with my QC. Klon into a LoneStar drive channel, no noise gate, guitar turned all the way down, or even unplugged from QC. I’m just an old school classic rock kinda guy ala Mike Campbell or Black Crows.

Like @xush mentioned, this sounds a bit like a compressor letting go.
Do you have one in the patch or in front of the QC?

If using the Jewel compressor, there was a bug that was resolved in 2.0.1. Please ensure you are updated to the most current version. Worst case, email and they will get you sorted quickly.

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What am I missing here? There WAS an announcement via here, Discord, email and on NDSP News page :slight_smile:

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Nope no compressor. Just the two captures and an ir. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Yep running the new version. Contacted support but didn’t get anywhere. Might contact them again as a last-ditch effort.