Tuner Mode Laggy/Low FPS

CorOS Version: 2.2.0

Describe your issue:
When I go into tuner mode, the tuning graphic is laggier than before this update. It looks like the frame rate is worse than before the update.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into tuner mode
  2. Start tuning
  3. Notice it is laggier than before

Has anyone else noticed this?

I haven’t noticed and in fact, I thought it had improved since the past few updates. Since this is uncommon and I haven’t seen any other posts regarding the tuner lately, I would recommend to back up the QC, factory reset and restore (this can be done locally using Cortex Control). Otherwise, please email support@neuraldsp.com so that they can log and resolve your issue.

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You’re not the only one !
Several other users (and myself) have noticed that the tuner is now on ‘low fps mode’ :confused:

It never happened before 2.2.0 update…

It’s a known problem. Here is a thread about it already:

Sweet, I’m glad I’m not the only one and not just going crazy hahaha

It seems like there’s a good amount of us that are experiencing this :pensive:

I have made support aware of the uptick of new tuner related issues. I would still recommend to backup, reset and restore and email support so they can log the issues etc.

Same issue here. Emailed support but they want me to make and send a video of the behavior. Annoying. They can’t take mine (and other’s) word for it?

it really depends on what it’s doing, exactly. Many of us aren’t having any trouble with the tuner at all, even after the update.

Are you picking the note continuously, or just once and letting it ring?
With the QC (since the beginning) it’s always been helpful to continue picking thru the tuning process, it seems to create a smoother response.

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That has been my experience as well and the tuner has equaled my Peterson strobe tuner for the most part. Regardless, I did contact support directly and let them know there are some experiencing the lagging issues etc.

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First thing I noticed after the update was the tuner lagging in a strange way. Logged on here and saw a thread was already going

I haven’t changed my picking technique after the update (I’ve always done it just like you say). It definitely looks like a frame rate thing - I feel like maybe the dot is in the right place at the right time, but there are choppy abrupt jumps while getting there.

That’s exactly it. It’s a frame rate thing for sure

Hi all,

Is anyone facing the same tuner frame rate issue at the moment?
I’ve sent a report to the support and hopefully they can fix the issue.

Yes, still having the issue

I’ve sent a report to the support team.
Hopefully they can be aware of this issue and get it fixed soon.
I’ll provide updates here if there’s any useful feedback from the support team.

+1 - same issue here

Hi all,

Great news, I’ve contacted the Support Team and they have tagged this issue as a bug to be fixed.