Soft switch for tuner/tap tempo selection - Instant tuner option

I would REALLY love to be able to reconfigure the tap tempo button to switch to the tuner immediately instead of with several seconds of delay, and I suspect many others feel the same way. This would be extremely useful because:

  • Many of us do not use tap tempo
  • In a live situation, mistakenly entering tap tempo and trying to get back out and into the tuner mid set / heat of the moment is not something I should be worried about
  • Unless you are wearing normal shoes it can be hard to tell if you’re holding down a button
  • Sometimes delays between songs live are only a few seconds and being able to tune fast is critical
  • Being able to have a dedicated instant mute is highly useful
  • This is (probably) not a difficult feature to implement

I know a two second delay doesn’t seem like a big deal to some people. But combined with the accidental triggering of tap tempo and softness of the button push it can make the tuner unreliable in a live setting. And I’d like nothing less than to ditch the actual tuner I have next to the QC.

Enable an option to turn the tap tempo button into a single press for the tuner. When performing live, it’s important to have quick access to the tuner if one isn’t using the tap tempo function. Suggested option to reverse the behaviour. Long press for tempo function, short press for tuner. Users could select which ever behaviour works best for them.

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Agreed, holding down for tuner feels like an eternity. Needs to be instantly accessible!

Then how do you want to tap in the tempo? Each time you then press the TEMPO button, the tuner will open.

My proposal is for those if us that don’t regularly use tap tempo. At a gig, it’s more important to me to have instant access to the tuner than tempo.

Oh I see, you mean the option to change the behaviour of the Tempo Button. I’m using tap tempo often, so it wouldn’t be for me, but that would certainly be possible.

Yes, exactly. We choose how it behaves.

Got it. I like this suggestion.

What if one short press opens tuner instantly.

Then a LONG press opens the tempo screen for tap tempo.

I have a morning star mc6 and it differentiates between short and long presses. And come to think of it the press and hold function for the other switches allows copy preset so I think this could work? Thoughts??

We’ll know that I’m thinking clearly. We already have to press and hold for tuner. So I think just switching things would help.

Press for instant tuner.

Press and hold for tap tempo screen to open up.

I think I would prefer that

I’m good with the role reversal of the switch behaviour between tuner and tempo. I modified the request to make this clear.

this should be merged with existing FR:

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I agree. How do we merge them?

Mod can do it I think

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I would love more if the screen wont go to the bpm when i tap the tempo and have to wait to do anything else untill it goes to normal wiew.

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You can press any of the A-H footswitches to dismiss the tempo screen without triggering whatever that switch is assigned to.

thats not a solution in my opinion, i use an external midi switcher to turn on effects i need, and if i press the footswitch of any effect on the switcher, for example a delay, when the bpm screen is on, the midi switcher tell me its on, but the cortex didnt recieve the command cause was on bpm wiew…really annoyng

Oh I definitely agree there should be an option to turn it off completely. I’d also like the option to show a smaller BPM readout somewhere else on the screen in both grid and gig views instead of it taking up the whole screen. And yeah, not being able to switch anything with external controllers while the tempo display is on-screen is obviously not good.


This seems like a really bad idea. I’m currently borrowing a friend’s QC while I wait to get one. I’ve been using a Kemper Stage for over 3 years, and the tuner button is in the upper right where you can’t accidentally hit it while trying to switch rigs. The buttons are already really close together on the QC and putting a button that would mute you in the middle of a song with a single press seems like a recipe for embarrassment. I would think the better button to repurpose is the upper right (bank up) button and make a bank up a long press. I also have an HX Stomp with a Morningstar MC6 I use to practice at home and you’ve got all kinds of options programming buttons with MIDI. If the QC was configured the way you’re suggesting I would not buy it. The QC already sacrafices space between the buttons for compactness, so any of the bottom two rows immediately muting you with a single press is unworkable IMO.

it’s a soft (software) switch suggestion, meaning you can change whether it controls tuner or tap - not suggesting it as a fixed change. But being able to control the preset switches would also be a good option.

I understand that the suggestion is a setting to change what each button does and in this case make the lower right button engage the tuner and mute your signal with a single press. I’m just saying be careful what you wish for and a setting to make a button on the bottom row to have the effect of muting your entire signal might be considered by Neural to be a waste of time when there are suggestions they may deem more important that won’t have negative unintended consequences. I sing in just about every song we play and it is VERY difficult to be accurate trying to hit a button on the floor when you can’t look down due to singing. Then factor in a smaller unit that is great for travel, but the buttons are closer together and make one of those buttons cut your signal off. Just sayin’. OOPS!!

Here’s another option I’m considering because I’ve done it before. Put a TC Polytune mini on the floor and use an FX send or use the tuner out jack of a volume pedal, so that it gets a signal 100% of the time, and then use a volume pedal to mute when tuning. I get it, we’re trying to minimize the number of things we have to carry and put on the floor and that’s even part of MY motivation to go from the Kemper Stage to the QC. The kemper Stage has 3 LEDs next to the tuner switch that are on all the time. If I think I might be out of tune in a song I’ll try to find a place to play a single open note to see if I can find it. I’ve configured other pedalboards the way I suggested and it works great. PLUS the Polytune is a great tuner and not that expensive.