Tuner unusable

CorOS Version: 1.1

Describe your issue:
The tuner is laggy, and floats around. Sometimes it will tune accurate, but trying the same string again it will show sharp or flat. It is unreliable in a live setting.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Step 1 open tuner
  2. Step 2 pluck string
  3. Step 3 tuner floats and lags around

I expected this to happen:
When I use the tuner, it is not snappy or responsive, it is very laggy and slow and not accurate.

I have tried the following things:

  • I have tried plucking sting lightly
  • I have tried plucking string heavy
  • I have tried every pickup
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I haven’t noticed any QC tuning issues. All tuners float around a little, the more damping the longer it takes to tune. Noise can also cause problems, especially sitting close to a computer with single coil pickups.

Guitars vary in their tuning stability too - thin necks, tight or unlubricated nuts, or vibrato tailpieces can also result in tuning instability.

Just to be a little more clear. I have been a pro musician with 25 years experience with guitar tuners. Am also a guitar and amp tech, and luthier. So I am not saying this about the QC tuner lightly or out of ignorance.
It is less reliable than every other tuner I use. It ‘can be’ accurate. But it takes twice as long to tune a guitar with the QC than it does every other tuner. Even iPhone app tuners.
It is not ideal for on stage quick tuning.
Given the price point of this unit, and it’s potential with processing power, I believe the tuner desperately needs help.
It is literally the only major thing I do not like about the unit.


I experience the same. I am much quicker tuning my guitar per ear than with the QC, which is surely no option at a gig. The cursor constantly floats around, and the only way how to deal with this is constantly hitting the string so the cursor has “no time” to move around. Any cheap Polytune pedal does a better job. I dearly hope NDSP will fix this very poor execution of a tuner…

On bass I have the other problem it takes time before the cursor settles (1-2 sec) but then it is stable. I tune to the stable point and it agrees well with my other tuners although takes a bit longer time.

for me as an hobbyist it is not a major problem but it can for sure be improved.

I have found the tuner to be accurate but it does seem to move around too much. I guess this could lead to longer tuning, but haven’t really noticed that… maybe a update could give it some stability.

I’ve found the tuner jumps around a fair bit and takes me longer than other tuners I have used such as polytune. I also have issues where on low tunings like low a 7 string tuned down to A, it seems the tuner picks up that the ‘initial’ pick produces the correct tune rather than the note that is ‘hanging’ which drops down a few cents. This makes it tricky to tune low notes.

I’ve tested the QC tuner against a Peterson StroboStomp2.
As the StroboStomp2 display features 4 strobe bands which represent different groups of octaves the display is “always” moving and with a stringinstrument/quitar it is kind of an approximation to the state stable - if it is stable then only for a short time. Nevertheless it is super-accurate and if you’re used to it, easy and fast to read.
I’m mentioning this because in my opinion it is the same with the QC tuner:
Here while comparing both tuners the QC tuner is showing exactly the same as the Perterson tuner tendencies included and no lag - which is great! , but the QC tuner is also moving like the Peterson.
Maybe it is as “raw” as a strobe tuner and there is no flattening/smoothing as it is happening with other tuners I guess.


It’s not as responsive as my Polytune3, but it’s also not the worst I’ve ever used. Amplitube’s tuner might be the least responsive I’ve tried.

What I find interesting is my pro musician friend, who has Kemper, was here playing either the QC and the first thing he said was nice tuner. I am not trying to lessen peoples issues. I have had AXFX Helix, and now the Quad Cortex. It seems like no matter what the unit is there are those that hate or live he tuner. Even after a huge tuner upgrade in the Helix that added three modes for people to choose from there are still complaints. And background shouldn’t enter in. I have dropped background issue to try to get my point across but have recently realized no one cares. They only care about their issue or non issue.

Ok. Enough of that. I agree something changed with 1.1 on the tuner. Good or bad? I am not really sure. I did check it with my Peterson and it’s accurate, but if you let it ring too long it does drift now. It did not seem to do it for me before. It seems to me it is currently reacting like an old needle tuner and the moment.

Yeah, that seems to be a tough one in terms of people’s tastes. My friend always hated the AX8’s tuner. Worked fine for me. QC feels pretty much the same, meaning I have no problems with it. If it starts bouncing, I pick closer to the bridge. Not trying to dismiss the OP’s issue…I probably just have a crappy ear LOL

I second this. I thought it was me or my evertune bridge being funky but when compared to Logic’s tuner it became glaringly obvious. This tuner is really unreliable and has been for a while. Pretty unpatient for the next update tbh…

I’ve seen the same weirdness with tuners. Sometimes the tuner would work on a guitar and on a different guitar it wouldn’t.

In my experience one culprit that will make a sensitive tuner wander is the guitar pickups being too close to the strings. The magnetic coil interferes with the natural vibration of the string. If it’s way too close this will cause the sustain of the guitar to be very poor.

I have an Ibanez SV5470F-NB that suffered from the same symptom. I bought this guitar in near mint condition but the setup was a disaster so I knew the prior owner had been tinkering. I corrected the setup, had the guitar Plek’d and lowered the pickups.

It sings now, no buzz, lowest action and softest touch I’ve ever experienced on a guitar AND the tuner stopped misbehaving.

Just a thought.

For me (and most likely everyone else), the tuner is not accurate and nothing to do with the guitar as that would reflect against all tuners used which is not the case.

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I would love to have the ability to select the muted output(s) when using the tuner.
As I plug the vocal microphone and the guitar in the QC, I would need to tune while leaving the microphone opened, and as long as this won’t be possible, I will have to keep on using an external tuner.

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