Tuner Feedback to Midi Controller

Does or can the Quad Cortex have a feedback mechanism from the tuner to a midi controller? The Fractal and Kemper have this feature and not sure if QC has this?

It doesn’t, but SysEx for this would be a great addition

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Maybe we should rephrase and repost. “Show QC tuner on other devices” is something that QC’s competition does, and it’s a competitive advantage over QC.

Touring acts often have the QC in a rack hidden away. Mine (if it passes evaluation) will be in my rack with a 30ft midi/power/USB snake leading to a powerful midi footswitch that currently displays an Axe-afx tuner. Completely different graphics display, but it uses the Fractal tuner sysex and it’s accurate.

I can’t tell you how convenient this is. When I do festival gigs my rack is elsewhere, and at one gig it’s UNDER the stage. Having the tuner ON the footswitch is a lifesaver! To be honest, I’m surprised and disappointed the QC doesn’t have sysex tuner out.

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